Winsome, Lissome

16 May 2016
Win some, lose some – that was our little squad’s performance in the final round of the Ellis and Appleby Trophies. (If we had all won, it would naturally have been a purrrr-formance.)

In the Ellis, Paul May was faced with Ian Hunter, graded some 21 points higher. Nevertheless he made life difficult for his opponent, battling on well into the endgame – they were the last Ellis game to finish – before conceding defeat.

In the Appleby, Philip May was also contending with an adverse grade difference of around 21 points. His game too went the distance with both sides reduced to king and a single pawn on each margin. The position of the kings was crucial in determining who could queen a pawn and this time the force was not with Philip.

Decency forbids us to recall that Philip’s fellow club-member Steve Hodgson (grade 14) beat this same opponent (Tom Devlin) back last November.  (Steve Hodgson v Tom Devlin)

At the nextdoor table, Alan Riddle had a lower-graded opponent in Nathan Hamlett and enjoyed a reasonably comfortable win in 31 moves.

Steve Hodgson had his easiest but least satisfying win for some time – his scheduled opponent was ill and unable to play.