Winning ways

15 May 2019

It was the last outing of the season for our Rapidplay and Mini League teams tonight.

Our Rapidplay team hammered the University’s second team by 5 points to 1, to finish in the top half of the Rapidplay table in the team’s very first year of existence.

Our teams in the 3-board Mini Handicap League also had a happy time.

For the first time in living memory our first team were on the wrong end of the handicap points system, as they outgraded their opponents by more than 30 grade points. But they overcame that to notch up an overall win by 3 points to 2.

Our second Mini team fared even better. Heavily outgraded – by over 100 grade-points, earning them 2 handicap points – they scored a win and a draw against the odds to achieve victory by 3.5 to 1.5. Man of the Match was undoubtedly newcomer Brian Corner, in his first game for Limewood. Playing at top board he beat Alwoodley’s 136-graded Richard Hersey. You can play through their game here.

Brian is a seasoned club and congress player – he has previously played for Huddersfield and other clubs – and is returning to the club scene after a 5-year break. Welcome, Brian!

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