Win one, lose one, draw one

17 January 2018

It was one of each for our 3 teams this week.

Our ‘A’ Team had a profitable trip away to play Copperworks B, bringing home 4½ of the 5 points available.  The result takes the team to the top of Division 2 just ahead of Rose Forgrove B (same match points but more game points).  The team:  Tom Leah, Paul A Johnson, Paul May, Robert Moneagle and Bob Maltby.

The ‘B’ Team were at home to Leeds C.  The match was noteworthy for 2 Great Escapes:  Eric Brodie (120) came back from the dead, so to speak, to score a surprise victory over Rupert Jones (151) while Chris Tatham managed to un-lose a seriously lost position and induce the resignation of his Leeds opponent.  Together with a good draw from Paul Smith (23) against a player graded some 52 points higher, this produced a drawn match and takes the team to mid-table in Division 3.

Our ‘C’ Team visited Alwoodley’s ‘D’.  They were outgraded by 20 points or more at each of boards 1 to 3 but Barry Fulthorpe in particular had a closely-fought and very tense game at board 3.  At boards 4 and 5, both David Halpin and Steve Hodgson recovered from early mistakes to score good wins against lively opponents.  Result:  Alwoodley 3, Limewood 2.