Win, draw, loss and a walkover

13 February 2019

It was one of each for the teams tonight.

The C Team beat an evenly-matched Rose Forgrove E by 3 to 2, with wins from Howard Brears and Paul Masiak and draws from Matt Harris and Philip May.

The A Team earned a draw against Forgrove’s B Team with a win from Tom Leah and draws from Paul Johnson, Paul May and Siefaldin Holi.

Team B didn’t have much luck against Forgrove C, losing 4 to 1 with draws from John Grasham and Peter Shaw being their only consolation.

Team D meanwhile waited hopefully at the Fox and Grapes for their Moortown opponents, who never turned up.  It’s tough being stood-up on a date but at least in chess you get the full points for it.

Late news:  Alas, Team D don’t get the points after all.  We have now learned that the Moortown team has withdrawn from the League competition and the rules say that (as they hadn’t completed half their fixtures) all record of their matches are wiped from the League table.  But ECF grading of the individual games actually played still stands.

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