We have lift-off

17 December 2014
Limewood is off the bottom of the Division 3 league table, thanks to our win over Leeds B in the last match before the Xmas break. We have 3 match points from 2 wins (less a 1-point penalty deduction). The Wooden Spoon position is now occupied by Leeds B.

We beat the Leeds team by 4 points to 1. Three of those points were from actual hard-earned wins. The 4th was from the easiest game that John Noad has ever played: Leeds were unable to field a full team and so John received his point without needing to push a pawn.

This was the match where Steve Hodgson broke his duck. He had a comfortable win over Clare Ramsden and so marked up his first score for the club. His game can be played-through on the Members Only section of the website.

Game:   STEVE HODGSON v Clare Ramsden

Our next match is on 7 January – at home in the Fox & Grapes to Alwoodley C. They beat us 4½ – ½ back in October. Can we do better this next time round? Yes! Of course!