3 February 2016

If you happened to look at the Chessnuts website today you may have noticed something odd: the result of a match before it was even due to be played: Limewood beating Leeds B by 5 to 0.

How come? Leeds B found they could only raise 2 players for their team and so decided they would default the match. Honourably they announced this 24 hours ahead of the scheduled game and so Limewood were able to tell their own team not to travel.

As a result Limewood now stand joint 2nd (in Match points, 3rd in Game points) in the Division 3 league table, until the other teams play this evening. Rose Forgrove E stand a strong chance of pulling ahead of us in Game points after they play Alwoodley D. Theoretically Pudsey B could also leapfrog us, but they are playing league leaders Moortown B, so it is unlikely.