Ups and Downs

24 January 2019

The new January ECF grades have just been published on the ECF website (

And how have our players fared?  Some up, some down as you might expect.  And two unchanged.

Leading the ‘UP’ pack is Paul Anderson with an increase of 8 points to 153.

He is followed closely by Howard Brears, Robert Moneagle and Chris Tatham –  up by 7 points apiece – and Paul Brencher, up by 6.

Then we have John Light and John Grasham (both up 5), Paul Masiak (up 4) and Paul May (up 3).

David Halpin, Steve Hodgson and Paul Johnson were all 2-up and Paul Smith gained 1 extra.

Richard Cowan and Philip May managed to balance their year well – their grades remain unchanged.

Well done everyone, whether your grade went up, down or sideways.  We hope you enjoyed your chess in 2018 and will enjoy it even more in 2019.

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