Two Steves win tournament

4 February 2015
Steve with trophy

A gap in the schedule of league matches gave the opportunity for the Club to enjoy an informal evening with an all-play-all tournament. Games were 15 minutes for each player, except for Paul May. He is easily the strongest player in the Club and so was allowed only 5 minutes per game instead of 15, just to even up the playingfield.

Steve Hodgson was the outright winner with a brilliant score of 5 wins out of 7 games and was duly presented with a fantastic trophy to adorn his mantelpiece.

Steve Kelley and Mark Robinson each scored 4 out of 7. A play-off for the Runner-Up place ensued. Advantage swayed to and fro. At one stage Mark looked to have an easy win ahead, with Steve’s battle-pieces corralled in one corner and his king badly placed. But Steve sacrificed his queen to free up his game and went on a counter-attacking rampage. In the end, Steve won the play-off on time.

Congratulations to all concerned on a great evening.