Two new Champions

12 June 2019

Two new champions were declared tonight at the club’s annual Blitz Championship event.

Blitz Champion

Photo of Paul Smith holding Blitz trophies
Paul Smith, Blitz Champion

Paul Smith became this year’s Blitz Champion. He won 7 games and drew 1 out of the 9 games, playing in a style than left more experienced opponents floundering. A fine achevement!

(For the record, Bob Maltby was 2nd with 6½ points. Ian Carrigan, Brian Corner and Steve Hodgson shared 3rd place with 6 points.)

Player of the Season

Tom Leah, Player of the Season

Tom Leah was announced as the club’s Player of the 2018-19 Season, to general acclaim.

Tom has been the club’s outstanding performer this season: he was outright winner of the LCA Norman Ellis Trophy with a perfect score of 5 wins; he played at top board for the club’s winning team in the LCA Arjay Trophy and in our ‘A’ Team in Division 1 as well as in the club’s Rapidplay team. In addition he was runner-up for the Leeds-wide Gambit Trophy for the player accumulating the highest points score in Leeds League competitions.

A truly remarkable record and a hard act to follow!


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