Two draws, two losses

27 March 2019

Two matches drawn and two matches lost was the tally for our four League teams tonight.

Bob Maltby 01

Howard Brears 02

Main interest now centres on the B Team who have been hovering uncomfortably close to the relegation zone.  Their draw tonight against a strong Leeds B team is a vital help, thanks to wins from Bob Maltby (left) and Howard Brears (right) and a draw from Herbert Lockwood).  The team have only 3 matches left to play and 2 of them are against teams high in the league table.

The D Team also gained a draw – against Rose Forgrove F (wins from David Hanover and Rob Ford and draw from David Halpin) but unlike Team B they have no relegation worries to concern them.

Team A had a tough assignment against Leeds A.  Though the team lost overall they had a win from Siefaldin Holi and a draw from Paul May as consolation.

Not much consolation for Team C though, who played University B.  Four of the team lost, leaving Philip May to save a whitewash with his draw.

At the start of the match one of the University team had not appeared.  Then their captain received a message from him on his mobile, saying ‘Very sorry’.  Leaving everyone to wonder whether he was signifying lateness or total non-appearance.  With such communication skills there is clearly a future for him in politics.  (It turned out he was late.)

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