Two clean sweeps (but only one was ours)

12 October 2002

It was a mixed bag of results for our League teams tonight – 2 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw. They included 2 5-0 clean sweeps – but only one of them was in our favour.

Pride of place goes to Team C in Division 3 and Team B in Division 2. They won their matches in fine style: 5 – 0 and 4½½.

BoardHome Team (Limewood C)GradeResultAway Team (Rose Forgrove E)Grade
1Titas Lukauskas16881 – 0Tom Devlin1503
2Bob Maltby16271 – 0Neil Bolton1338
3Rojus Lukauskas16261 – 0Ed Rivlin1321
4Ruben Wilberg15971 – 0Pete Sheppard1240
5Rodney Mitchinson12201 – 0Simon Bartle1205
Total5 – 0

BoardHome TeamRose Forgrove CResultLimewood & Scarcroft BAway Team
1 (B)1751 (1718)Clarke, Paul RH0 – 1Johnson, Paul A1903 (1896)
2 (B)1690 (1660)Riach, Keith J0 – 1Connor, Michael I1787 (1755)
3 (B)1657 (1616)Griffiths, Neil0 – 1Sanger, Richard1679 (1679)
4 (B)1645 (1648)Howdle, Alex0 – 1Grasham, John1631 (1631)
5 (B)1625 (1632)Playford, Samuel J½ – ½Stables, Duncan1506 (1530)
Total8368½ – 4½Total8506

A good result too for Team A who drew 2½ – 2½ playing away against high-powered Leeds University A in Division 1. Wins came from Daniel Staples and Paul Brencher and a draw from Dan Hill.

Team D were a trifle unlucky. They had good wins from Lewis Carroll and Ben Van Loo but a default on board 5 deprived them of a chance to win or draw the match against Alwoodley D. However it was great to see the return of Chris Tatham after a long absence even though he didn’t win his game.

Team E had a hard time, outgraded on the top 4 boards and defaulting on board 5. While their clubmates on Team C were hammering Forgrove’s Team E, 5 – 0 at the Fox & Grapes, they themselves were getting hammered by Forgrove D over at Oakwood by the same margin. Commiserations.

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