Twitter chess tournament – round 1 victory

7 April 2019

Chris Tatham writes:

“Just about ready for my first Twitter ChessTournament game, looking forward to a first game against our longstanding chess pal @Chesspatzeruk.”

And then a little while later ……….

“Amazing and surprising news!

I won in round 1 of the Twitter Chess Tournament against 162 ECF player (though it did require a blunder on his part) – (45m+45s) – hopefully getting my chess mojo back!

My opponent ChessPatzerUK is a popular chess streamer and did a stream of the match – at the beginning he gives some good publicity and promotion to our club and website – stream is available here

“Been a great day! – exciting TwitterChessTournament game with Chesspatzeruk then watched his fantastic stream of the game and then analyzed the game on Lichess – only problem no time for Woodpecker!”

Chris’s annotated game can be played through here and the pgn file is available here.

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