Tweets Ahead! – Part 3

Chris Tatham 01b

21 April 2019

Continuing Chris Tatham’s account of the club’s Twitter presence ……….
(You can view Part 1 of the series here and Part 2 here.)

So who is interested in following the news and views of our humble little chess club? Well, after a manual trawl and analysis of our 302 followers at the time (there must be a tool for this!) we have some results for you.

Our followers (now 337 and counting…)

Yorkshire based players and clubs – 8

Interestingly relatively few chess clubs in Yorkshire seem to have an active social media presence (@RoseForgroveCC – have a ‘zombie’ account having last tweeted in 2012!). Our followers in this category are mainly individual players, from the Leeds league and elsewhere in Yorkshire. In particular Moortown is well represented by:
⦁    Mark Crowther, (@MarkTWIC) who of course has a much wider following in the chess community for his excellent work on (⦁    TWIC) – The Week in Chess  which he has amazingly published every week since 1993!
⦁    Dale Cullum (@grishkins_rank) with whom we exchange support and friendly banter (usually in respect of his frequent games with our own Philip May!)

We also have the support of our county association:
YCA logo
Chess services/providers – 22

This category covers a multitude of different accounts, ranging from:
– physical and online chess shops;  (eg @chessandbridge – the well known London chess centre);
– a whole host of chess apps, tools, youtube channels and websites (including @chessable – the chess improvement website);
– a range of chess internet servers (eg @chessclublive and

Chess journalists, authors and publications – 22

Again a wide grouping including internationally established chess periodicals including (@NewInChess); non-titled authors of chess books, journalists with an interest in chess (for example Stephen Moss – Guardian writer and author of ‘The Rookie’). Note, this section doesn’t include titled players who are also well known chess authors such as GM Raymond Keene and IM Cyrus Lakdawala – they are aggregated within the titled players totals. It seems many people professionally involved in the chess sector appear to wear many hats with an example in this category being David Llada:
David Llada

Limewood members and their families – 10

If you’re on Twitter and don’t already follow us – join us! – It is always useful to get some quick feedback on team results  – thanks @coldhandfluke76!

Other chess and Random/Unknown – 96


Check back here soon for the final part of Tweets Ahead!

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