Tweets Ahead! – Part 2

Chris Tatham 01b

14 April 2019

Continuing Chris Tatham’s account of the club’s Twitter presence ……….
(You can view Part 1 of the series here.)

So who is interested in following the news and views of our humble little chess club? Well, after a manual trawl and analysis of our 302 followers at the time (there must be a tool for this!) we have some results for you.

Our followers (now 326 and counting…)

Titled players, FIDE Arbiters and coaches – 26

(including 7 Grandmasters, 6 International Masters, 6 FIDE/Candidate/National Masters) .

Our highest rated follower is @chessleinier – aka GM Leinier Dominguez (elo 2739) – sadly to date he’s not been available on a Wednesday night in Leeds!

Of course, whilst it is lovely to attract the interest of titled players from all around the world, the real catch is securing the interest of their pets, and so it is that one our twitter pals is GM Simon Williams’ cat:tweetsahead-fig06
Never guessed I would be conversing with a cat about when the BBC Test Card went off air as I ended up doing yesterday! 🙂

Chess players – 78

We are lucky enough to have chess players and enthusiasts literally from all over the world who follow us. The majority of individuals are from outside the UK and it is with this type of follower that we have generally have the most interaction – simply sharing news, ideas and views and basically just our love of the chess!

There are several informal groupings used for regular postings including #chesspatzers  and #chesspunks.  A couple of our regularTwitter pals in this category are:

tweetsahead-fig07       tweetsahead-fig08

Chess Clubs – 38  (UK, Irish or internet based but excluding Yorkshire)

An increasing number of chess clubs are developing a social media presence.

Limewood appears to have been a relatively early adopter in terms of club presence. Whilst clubs across the country are represented in our follower list, maybe unsurprisingly, many are southern and particularly London based.

Again, sharing and commenting upon on and supporting other clubs results and events etc is usual  – the quality of our venue at the Fox and Grapes has been complimented by several other clubs! –  and we have built up some good relationships with clubs across the country.

For example, it was through out club contacts on twitter in Bristol that we were selected to promote the Limewood & Scarcroft club on the Chess Journal dedicated chess app website:

Yorkshire based players and clubs – 8


Check back here soon for Part 3 of Tweets Ahead!