Tweets Ahead! – Part 1

Chris Tatham 0123 March 2019

When it comes to social media, our Twittermeister Chris Tatham has put Limewood tweets ahead of the other Leeds clubs.

Now, with over 300 followers and 1,000 tweets, Chris has been coaxed (ed: bludgeoned, more like) into talking about our Twitter presence and about some of the 300 or so (latest: 313) followers.

This is the first of 4 posts on the subject.  Over to you, Chris!

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1000 up!

Our clutweetsahead-fig01b twitter account (@LimewoodChess) has recently passed a couple of Twitter milestones – namely 1000 tweets and 300 followers, so it is an appropriate time for a brief review and analysis of the account to date.

Whilst we had an active website soon after the club’s launch it was only on 24 October 2016 that with some trepidation we launched our foray into social media when, after foolishly suggesting that I thought it might be useful to promote interest in the club and grow the membership, I took up the vacant position of club Twittermeister.

Full of wit and inspiration and certainly meriting a follow, our memorable first tweet was:
Ok maybe not, but fortunately we didn’t need to endure an embarrassingly long ‘billy no-mates’ period of 0 followers, in welcoming  ‘@Billymill2’ (who he!?), our first ever follower the same day. A mixture of our club members and their family quickly followed (still don’t know who Louise May is but thank you for being our 2nd follower!). However, there was an early frisson of excitement in finding that we were soon attracting the interest of chess players far higher up the chess hierarchy in the form of GM Daniel Gormally (follower 4) and GM Natalie Pogonina (follower 12).

What do we tweet about?

Well any old rubbish really, as long as it is chess related. Of course most of our tweets convey various items of club news, particularly the weekly results, updates to the club website and a regular dose of Paul’s weekly puzzles which often generate interest and responses. Our annual Puzzle Book is always popular securing positive feedback.

We also use the account to encourage and support the activities of all our members (whether they are on Twitter not) in their games elsewhere, particularly in their congress or county ventures. tweetsahead-fig03tweetsahead-fig04

Being good eggs, we are also supportive and encouraging of all tweets that promote and encourage other twitter users and help to promote involvement in the game of chess – we frequently do this using the hashtag #lovechess

There is a lot of interaction with other like minded chess players, sharing games and analyses which has also been a great way to pick up tips and resources (including a detailed game analysis from a 185 ECF player). We’ve also helped a GM to take action to remove unauthorised online copies of his book.

Our followers (313 and counting…)


Check back to this website soon for the next Part of Tweets Ahead!

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