Top draw!

11 February 2015
It was against the odds. We were playing the top team in the Division and held them to a draw!

2½ : 2½. A result to savour.

At top board, Paul scraped to a win on time – by a matter of seconds.

At board 5 Mark Robinson was playing his first match for the club (well, for any club, really). It was an action-packed game with plenty of blood spilt till, in the endgame at move 36, Mark knight-forked his opponent’s king and last-remaining rook. Opponent immediately resigned.

At boards 3 and 4 Steve H and Ian both had tough assignments against battle-hardened players who regularly go to congresses with the expectation of winning prizes. While at board 2 a surprise draw (no-one more surprised than our player) evened the match and denied Leeds A the win they reckoned they needed to stay in the promotion race.