The Sylvan Games

1 June 2019

There’s the Hunger Games. There’s the Invicta Games. Now there’s the Sylvan Games. (That’s our name for it, not Sylvan’s.)

Organised by Sylvan Clarke (Alwoodley’s answer to Brian Blessed) it’s a 5-round rapidplay with 20 minutes on the clock for each player.

A rarity, too – an event exclusively for those of us graded under 100. And it’s by invitation only – if Sylvan don’t like you, you don’t get in.

This year’s event had the added feature of videos taken of the action at Board 1. You can see all the results – the videos, crosstables, etc and photos of the medal-winners – at Chess Lounge Rapidplay 2019

Four Limewood members took part but none performed well enough to make the medals. Rather like in the Appleby.

Our top scorers were Barry Fulthorpe and Philip May with 3 points apiece.

A very welcome feature of the summer season – good fellowship, enjoyable chess and not too-too serious.

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