The night after Guy Fawkes – all fired up?

6 November 2019

Some games were real crackers as all four teams played tonight. And some perhaps weren’t. We have yet to hear if there were any damp squibs

In summary, here’s the results:

Limewood A beat Alwoodley A by 3 to 2
Limewood B lost to Pudsey B by 4 to 1
Limewood C beat Alwoodley E by 5 – 0
Limewood D lost to Leeds University B by 4½ to ½

It was an important victory over Alwoodley’s finest for the A team, keeping them off the bottom of the Division 1 table (currently occupied by University A) and on the same points as Rose Forgrove A. The 2 wins came from Holi and from Paul Anderson with draws from Paul Johnson and Paul May.

Down in Division 3 the best result was from Team C The beat a mostly inexperienced Alwoodey E team by 5 to nil. Two of the Alwoodley players are yet ungraded and our top two boards (Chris Tatham and Ian Carrigan) heavily outgraded their opponents. Only at board 3 did Paul Masiak face a similarly-graded player, but he still won in short order as did Phil Higgins whose game was over in half the time it took hm to reach the venue.

Our promotion-chasing Team B were heavily outgraded at Pudsey but they still got 2 draws against the odds: by John Grasham (outgraded 147 to 129) and Bob Maltby (outgraded 141 to 123). They remain in 2nd slot in the table thanks to their wins in the first two rounds but Pudsey B are pressing hard on their tail.

Team D had a difficult time in dealing with the University B team. You never know what standard of team the University will produce. It may be full of high-fliers, graded or otherwise. Or it may include novices who are unfamiliar with match rules and match etiquette that come naturally to seasoned club players. Tonight the University B team was headed by a 120-grader and proved too much for our modestly-graded posse. We were saved from a complete wipe-out by Paul Smith, our draw champion, who added yet another draw to his growing collection.

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