The nail-biting season

13 March 2019

The end of the season is drawing near and club leaders worry endlessly about the league tables.  Will they gain promotion?  Will they be relegated?  Or will it be another year in the same Division as now?

For our A and B teams these last few matches matter a great deal.  Fortunately this week’s results are a boost for both of them.

Team A achieved a draw against Moortown B,  thus modestly strengthening their mid-table position and clear of the relegation zone.

Team B had a bonanza in Division 2, sweeping to a 5-0 win over Alwoodley C and leapfrogging both Alwoodley C and Alwoodley B in the process.  They are still too close to the relegation zone for comfort but this was a big help.

Down in Division 3 only Team D were playing (Team C had a bye).  They narrowly lost to Rose Forgrove D currently top of the Division.  No worries about relegation, though – in Division 3 there’s nowhere to be relegated to.

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