The Limewood Puzzle Book

4 June 2017
To celebrate our first season of being able to field two teams in the Leeds League (modesty forbids mention of gaining promotion to Division 2 and becoming Mini League Champions), member Chris Tatham has put together a short booklet of chess puzzles from our competitive games during the 2016/17 season.

You can access the set of puzzles here on the website – just hit ‘Puzzle Book’ on the main menu.

As our members already know, during the season, our club captain, Paul May, circulates a newsletter after each match, which includes comments and analysis from team members.

Each newsletter includes a series of tactical puzzles from the games of that week. This booklet includes a selection of these puzzles.

All the puzzles are real life positions from our games throughout the season. To make them a little more challenging in this compilation, there are no hints in terms of what to look for, or ordering in terms of difficulty. Solutions and identities are given at the very end.

A special thank you is due to our opponents who feature and have therefore have also contributed to these puzzles and to all our competitors for making the season a friendly and enjoyable experience.