Teams go separate ways

17 October 2018

The first round of the Arjay 3-player knockout competition sent our 2 Arjay teams off in different directions for the 2nd round.

Our first team enjoyed a clear a 2 : 1 win over Leeds, with wins from Tom Leah and Paul May.  Tom in particular had a great game, overcoming a 16 point grade gap to beat Duncan Grassie of Leeds.

Our 2nd team, playing Rose Forgrove 2, were faced with an average grade gap of 59 (average grade 98 compared with 157).  But here too we had a star performance.  Chris Tatham (126) at board 1 had a strong attack against his opponent’s king that Andy Bagley (165) could only thwart by repetition and so offered a draw that Chris accepted.

Our Team 1 now proceed to round 2 of the Arjay Cup while Team  2 have successfully qualified to compete for the Arjay Plate.