Team C doubles up

23 February 2022

Team C has beaten Team B for the 2nd time this season. When the 2 teams last met, on 10 November, the C team won by 3 points to 2 from 2 wins and 2 draws. They did the exactly same again tonight (having also won 3 – 2 last week against a Forgrove team).

Except that the teams themselves were not exactly the same as in November. Only at Board 5 did the same opponents face each other both times. David Halpin and Neil Harris were the only players to appear for Team C in both matches. Only John Light and Paul Smith appeared for Team B each time.

Richard Sanger and Ian Carrigan occupied the top 2 boards for both matches – for the winning Team C in November but for the losing Team B tonight.

Team C‘s winners tonight were Steve Hodgson and new recruit Titas Lukauskas (now having won both his first 2 games for the club) while Rob Lockwood and David Halpin brought home draws to complete the scoring line.

Team B‘s sole winner was Paul Smith while Richard Sanger and Mick Carrigan provided the 2 draws.

Team A in contrast had a sorrowful night. They were heavily out-graded at all boards by Leeds A and that showed in an unhappy scoreline.

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