Team B top of Division 2

13 October 2021

It was a great night for our Team B. They are clear leaders of Division 2, being the only team to have won all their matches. Well, both their matches if you want to be pedantic.

Last week they beat Rose Forgrove’s D Team 3 – 2 down at The Old Barn at Oakwood. This week they did even better against Rose Forgrove E, with Bob Maltby, Ian Carrigan, John Light and Michael Carrigan all winning their games to bring home a 4 – 1 victory.

Team B may wish to savour their moment of glory. Their next opponents are University B – a different kettle of fish. But who knows? – kettles sometimes get spilled and fish can go off.

Lewis Carroll

Meanwhile, back at the Fox & Grapes, our Team C made 3 changes from last week for their match against Alwoodley C. They fielded 4 of our new members with captain Steve Hodgson the only player dating from BC (Before Covid).

Lewis Carroll proved our star turn here, steadily increasing the pressure on his Alwoodley opponent until he had a decisive advantage.

Duncan Stables and Alec Marley also had good reason to be pleased with their showing, playing calmly and carefully. Both games were evenly balanced much of the way and win or draw remained a possibility even into the endgame.

In the end the team lost by 4 games to 1 but Alwoodley had to work hard for their win.

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