Team A keep up the pressure

24 November 2021

Team A continues to prosper in Division 1. Their win tonight against Alwoodley A strengthens their position i the top half of the Division. At the top, Rose Forgrove A have put clear water between themselves and their challengers, having won all 6 rounds so far. But Limewood A are only 2 points behind the team in runner-up position (Harrogate A). If the position in the League was decided on game points (instead of match points) then it would be Limewood in runner-up position – they have 19½ game points, more than anyone else other than the Forgrove team.

Tonight’s wins for the A Team came from Dan Hill, Holi and Rob Lockwood. Rob, incidentally, is this season’s top League performer for the club so far, with a 100% score from his 4 appearances (3 for Team A and 1 for Team B). Dan Hill is next at 80% with 4 wins from his 5 games.

In Division 2, our Team B was playing Alwoodley B. The teams were fairly evenly matched on the top three boards and so, unsurprisingly, were the scores: 1½ points each with a win for Howard Bears and a draw for Ian Carrigan. However, they were heavily outgraded on boards 4 and 5 by more experienced opponents – on board 5 facing Alwoodley’s latest rising-star junior, Angelica Rowe who has lost only one of her 8 League and Mini games this season. The final score for the match: 1½ to 3½.

Limewood C were playing away to the University B team. Strangely, for an organisation full of classrooms, Leeds University didn’t seem able to find a space for their chess team (wonder where they manage to seat all the students during the day then?) and so the match was held in Woodhouse Community Centre. Rather like Team C’s match last week, most of the players were newcomers this season and there was only one game where both players were rated – our Steve Hodgson (rating 1394) facing Sam Playford (rating 1596). This produced the surprise result of the evening with Steve extracting a draw from his much higher-rated adversary.

(History note: Steve and Sam first played each other on 25 November 2015 when Steve was ECF-graded 14 and Sam 50. Steve won by checkmate on move 30.)

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