21 November 2018

How tidy-minded:
Team A won 5 : 0.  Team D lost 5 : 0
Team B won 3½ : 1½.  Team C lost 3½ : 1½

Late news:  One of Team B’s games, first thought to be a win was later agreed to be a draw – it’s all explained in Paul May’s members-only report.  So Team B actually won by 3:2, not  3½:1½ as stated above.  Not so symmetrical then.

Team A had the easiest time as Moortown were unable to field their Team C.  They gave notice in good time, though, so Limewood ‘A’ were able to put their feet up at home on their respective mantelpieces without a wasted journey – a situation specially appreciated by Robert M after his mad dash back from Sheffield last week only to find a no-show opponent.

Team B had to work for their win against Alwoodley C.  They managed it with wins from Paul Anderson and Peter Shaw coupled with draws from Bob Maltby and Chris Tatham.

Down in the league’s Bargain Basement, our C and D teams were both heavily outgraded at all boards.  But Howard Brears scored a dramatic win and Philip May gained a draw, giving the ‘C’ listers a better result against Moortown C than they had any reason to expect.