Swiss bun fight

21 October 2020

Limewood joined with Alwoodley for a Swiss bun fight tonight.

17 players sat down for a stand-up scrap – 7 from Limewood, 10 from Alwoodley. It was Alwoodley’s party, actually, and they invited us along for company.

It was a Swiss 5-round tournament on Lichess, with 10 minutes on the clock and no increments.

Our top player of the night was Holi, taking Bronze position on the virtual podium.. He beat 2 Alwoodley players plus our Paul May and agreed a draw offered him by Sylvan Clarke. Holi’s only loss was to the night’s winner, David Pedro who won all 5 of his games.

Paul May came in at 5th place with 3 points. losing only to Holi and David Pedro.

As usual with such short games there was a copious crop of croppers – desperately unwise captures, missed opportunities to create havoc,  pieces left en prise and pawns left unqueened. And we’re not just talking about the lower-graded players here. It added extra spice and uncertainty to games that often didn’t go according to book.

Grand Master chess it mostly wasn’t but good fun it was.

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