Still there with a chance

18 April 2018

It was a must-win match for Team B –  essential if the mere possibility of promotion to Division 2 was to be kept alive, with only one further match to go after this.

And the lads came up to the mark, with a win over Moortown  by 3 points to 2.

It was not easy, though.   Moortown weren’t minded to be patsies to Limewood’s promotion ambitions.  The two teams were fairly evenly graded – no more than 7 points adrift on any one game – but Moortown suffered the disadvantage of a default on Board 5, giving Limewood a starting advantage.

The 4 games that were played resulted in 2 Limewood wins (from Robert Moneagle and Herbert Lockwood) and 2 losses but there was nailbiting on the Limewood side when for a time it looked as though one of those wins was heading to be only a draw.  All turned out well in the end and Limewood B can carry on dreaming of promotion for a further week.

It has to be admitted that promotion for the team depends on their rivals slipping up just as much as it depends on Limewood winning their last match.  But these things can happen.

(Team B were the only Limeys playing this week – Team A’s schedule finished last week and Team C had a bye.)