Steve upsets Appleby cart

28 October 2015
It was the first round of the “individuals” – the Ells and Appleby Trophy competitions. Limewood was well-represented, Paul with the toffs in the Ellis; Philip, Alan and Steve H with the plebs in the Appleby.

Steve (official grade 14) was drawn to play black against Alwoodley stalwart Paul Gelder (grade 124). 14 plays 124? Well, it’s a no-brainer, isn’t it. Steve will get steamrollered.

A few moves in, that seemed to be the case. Our Steve was in serious trouble. But he kept his nerve and fought back. He marshalled his forces well, regained control in the centre and went on the attack. Amazingly his 124-graded opponent was forced onto the back foot.

Eventually they reached something of an impasse. Both had enough material to mount serious threats but neither could find a way of making a decisive break-through without leaving their own kings at risk. Steve proposed a draw and Paul accepted.

A fantastic game that is now in our Top Games section. Congratulations, Steve!

Game: Paul Gelder v STEVE HODGSON

The other games? Our other two in the Appleby both won. In the Ellis, our Paul was facing an opponent some 20 or so points higher grade and he only lost after a long and close-fought battle – one of the last games to finish.

Overall a very promising start to the Ellis and Appleby campaigns.