St Valentine’s Crunch

19 February 2020

It’s St Valentine’s month but tonight was no bed of roses for our teams.

This was when we said bye-bye to our chances of retaining any share of the silverware from in the Arjay knockout competitions.

In the Arjay Trophy, back in December, our top team drew 1½ – 1½, with Alwoodley 1. But in a sad repeat of a previous occasion they lost on the board-count tie-break – a clear case of double entendre, or should that be déja vue? (Latin was never a strong point at school.)

Now this week in the Arjay Plate, our 2nd team lost, 2 – 1, draws coming from John Grasham and Bob Maltby while our outgraded 3rd team was crushed 3 – 0. They hardly managed to draw breath, let alone games.

Our Division 3 Team C were playing their re-arranged fixture against University B. Paul Smith was our Man of the Match. For the 2nd time this year he saved his team from total eclipse. The team lost 4½ – ½.

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