Sparkling end to 2016

14 December 2016

Both our Mini League teams ended 2016 with wins over strong opponents.  We won on board count in both cases even before the handicap points were included.
The night’s results are now displayed on Chessnuts and show Limewood M2 and M1 respectively filling the top two places of the Mini League table.  Looks good but does it mean our 2 teams will be pitched against each other in Round 4?

Our M1 team won by 3 to 2 over Rose Forgrove’s M4.  At Board 1, Paul May had a long battle against Paul Howden.  It could have gone either way (at different times in the game both players had offered a draw which was declined) but in the end it was Paul whose passed pawns were too much for the defending king.

At the next table Philip May had perhaps a slightly easier win against Jim Bird.  An even split of the handicap points gave the final score of 3 points to 2.

Our M2 team , playing West Leeds, looked to have a hopeless task – they were outgraded by an average of 25 points on each board.   To their delight and their opponents’ dismay, they won 2 of the 3 games.  The addition of the handicap points made the final score  3½ to 1½.

Star player was John Light, playing an old adversary Eric Davies.  John was clearly in a determined mood and won in a nail-biting finish.  Eric was heard to declare, “That’s the first time you’ve ever beaten me!”.

The other win for M2 came when Alan Riddle beat Steve Burton.

The Mini League is played on the Swiss pairing system which pits winners against winners and losers agains losers.  So in this match Limewood M2 (being at the top of the league) table were pitched against the 2nd team in the list, while Limewood M1 (3rd in the table) played the team at no 4.  Tonight’s results strengthen our teams’ positions against those nearest rivals.

Overall a great night for Limewood and a marvellous way to end 2016.  Roll on 2017!