Snug fit

13 November 2019

Our usual inner room at the Fox & Grapes was out of action tonight so all three matches, 9 games in all, were slotted carefully into the outer room. All snug, warm and cosy, unlike the bleak November weather outside. Created a nice atmosphere too. (Lumpy Kustud: Yerss, of Tesco aftershave and Nivea Men deodorant. Still, could have been worse.)

The matches, all 3-boarders, were 1 Rapidplay and 2 Mini League. The results were:
~ Rapidplay: Limewood R1 beat Alwoodley R1 by 3½ to 2½
~ Mini League: Limewood M1 drew with West Leeds 2½ to 2½
~ Mini League: Limewood M2 beat Alwoodley M2 3½ to ½

Holi smoke – Sheldrick shell-shocked!
In the Rapidplay, Holi kept his 100% success record with 2 straight wins over higher-graded Frank Sheldrick. (In the Rapidplay league team members play 2 games against the same opponent, one with white, one with black.)

Light fantastic
In the Mini League handicap competition, our M1 team were outgraded by over 20 points on every board in their match against West Leeds. This gave us the benefit of a 1½ to ½ split of the handicap points and meant we only needed a win at one board to draw the match. John Light produced the necessary with a great win over LCA Treasurer Steve Burton in the first game to finish.

Stevie wonder
Our M2 Mini League team had an emphatic win over Alwoodley’s M2. Team captain Steve Hodgson set a fine example with his clearcut win over Jonathan Tolan while John Grasham drew with John Hipshon. These two results alone assured the team at least a draw but in addition the other member of the Alwoodley team failed to appear. This not only gifted Limewood the relevant game point but meant that Alwoodley forfeited their share of the handicap points. Result: Limewood 3½, Alwoodley ½.

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