Slim Pickings at the Ellis & Appleby

29 November 2017

No, it wasn’t a gig by the reggae/dub/ska group from Essex.

And it wasn’t a show by the rock/soul/funk cover-band from Slough, even if Dave May was the lead guitar.

It was what the Limewoodies brought back home from round 2 of the Individual cup competitions, the Ellis and the Appleby.

With all but one of group playing “uphill”, gradewise, it wasn’t going to be easy.  But after a long fight, Philip May managed a win against Josh Isaac who is new to club chess but experienced at the online game – a tough opponent.

The only other member of the group to score was Steve Hodgson who brought off a good draw against Jim Bird, some 23 points higher.  His opponent offered the draw saying the game was too boring.  We hadn’t thought Steve played the sort of chess that saps an opponent’s will to live but it seems he has acquired the ability.

He must have been taking lessons from  R E D A C T E D