Sing it loud: 4½ to ½!

16 March 2016
Limewood racked up their best team performance since the dawn of time itself.  We beat Rose Forgrove F by 4½ points to ½.  That was made up of 3 wins over-the-board, 1 draw and 1 win by default.  We believe it is the first-ever match in which we have not lost a game.

The result leaves Limewood sitting at 3rd place in the Division 3 league table.  We have 3 games left to play, two of them against the teams at the top of the table, so we could still be overtaken by one or both of Rose Forgrove E and Pudsey B who are both 2 points behind us at the moment.

But just think: if we win all our remaining matches by hefty margins (like 5:0) and if Copperworks B lose theirs (like by 0:5) we could be promoted to Division 2!  Any bookies offering odds on that?