Seven go adventuring

9 November 2016

By way of change from the usual team competitions, the Leeds Chess Assoc runs two tournaments for individual players:  the Norman Ellis Trophy (open) and the Ken Appleby (for under-135s).  Seven Limewood members have ventured into this year’s event:  Paul May in the Ellis and the other six in the Appleby.

Not all 7 were actually playing in this first round.  Two had authorised halfpoint byes and John Light’s opponent dropped out at the last minute, leaving just 4 to venture forth on the night.

Paul May (146) had a tough job in the Ellis.  He was playing the top seed Ian Hunter (174) but was not going to be walked over.  He fought tenaciously through to the endgame, when both players had only a couple of minutes left on the clock, before conceding.

In his first Appleby, Chris Tatham got off to a good start by winning against Jim Bird. His game can be viewed by Limewood Club members here.

Our other two players also put up good fights but lost to more highly-graded opponents.