Round 1 of the Arjay

1 November 2017

Tonight was the first round of play in the Arjay knockout competition, with both our teams playing at home.

Limewood 1 played West Leeds, only a small grading gap separating the two teams.  Wins from Bob Maltby and Chris Tatham together with a draw from Paul May sent them happily into the next round  by 2½ points to ½.

Limewood 2 faced a different level of challenge.  Their opponents were Rose Forgrove 1 whose grades were almost exactly double those of our laddies – average grade 167 compared with our average of 84.  Our  team played with spirit and gave a good account of themselves but the grading gap was far too big to be overcome.  So Team 2 exit from the Cup competition and now set their sights on the ‘consolation’ competition, the Arjay Plate.