Rolls Royce to play Limewood

20 May 2020

Paul May (pictured) won our 5-round rapidplay online tournament tonight He’s been in the top 3 in each clubnight event so far but this is the first time he’s taken the top slot.

This week’s Honours Board:
Paul May (4 points out of 5
Kevin Plaxton (3½ points)
Paul Johnson (3½ points)
(Kevin gains 2nd place from Paul J under the tie-break rules.)

Next week: Limewood v Rolls Royce Chess Club
No kidding: we’re playing a real classy name next week. In the auto field you don’t get much classier than Rolls Royce. We await with interest to find out how classy the chess club of that name is.

The match: Wed 27 May 2020 at 8 pm (Note the later time than usual!)
It will be a Rapidplay match, each game 25 mins each on the clock plus 10 secs per move. Each team member plays the same opponent twice, once as White, once as Black.

Here is our record against external online opponents:
22 April: Skegness : 32% success rate
10 May: Leeds University: 34% success rate
27 May: Rolls Royce: watch this space

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