Pub brawl

1 July 2020

It was like a pub brawl in the seedier parts of town – or maybe a video shoot-up – 34 members of the 3 leading clubs in Leeds all kettled together in one room and every one of them looking for a fight.

They come at you one after another, doing their best to tear you apart and turn you into chicken nuggets. As soon as you dispose of one there’s another bearing down on you, swinging their fists and trying to tread you into the sawdust. And after that, another and then another and another.

Yep, that’s how it seemed. It was the first 3-way online tournament between Alwoodley, Rose Forgrove and Limewood. 10 minutes on the clock, your next opponent served up the moment you finish each game.

Ian Carrigan was Limewood’s top bruiser. With a scoring of 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw, his total of 15 points came from 7 wins, 1 draw and just 1 loss. That earned him 2nd place in the overall competition, just 2 points behind the winner, Rose Forgrove’s Matt Jones.

After Ian you have to trek a long way down the scoresheet to find the next Limewooders, all with 8 points apiece: Kevin Plaxton (from 7 games), John Light (9 games) and Philip May (9 games). And even further down for the other 6 of us.

A lively time with plenty of good scraps. We guess there’ll be more of them.

Was this the upset of the evening?
Rashpal Potiwal checkmated Paul May in 16 moves.
It just wasn’t Paul’s night.