Promotion jitters?

15 February 2017
On paper it should have been easy.  Our promotion candidates Team A outgraded Rose Forgrove E by over 100 points.  But life isn’t always that straightforward.

Maybe it was promotion jitters.  Maybe it was Clive Davies striding around the room, slapping our team on the back every five minutes and wishing them luck.  (OK, I made that bit up.)  Whatever the reason, Team A scraped a bare win by 3 points to 2 with 2 wins and 2 draws.  Enough to keep them 3 points ahead of Pudsey B in the promotion race but swelling the adverse gap on ‘goal difference’.

Meanwhile back at base, Team B were facing the Division leaders, Rose Forgrove D, over 230 grading points ahead and a mere 19 points ahead in the league table.  Defeat was therefore no surprise but a complete 5-0 whitewash was a disappointment.  Team B may still have nul points in the league table but this was the first match this season where they have lost every game.  3 boards (yes, 3!) did manage to struggle through to the last seconds on the clock but that, of course, does not show on the score card.