Paul’s tigerish start to Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year Greetings! – Year of the Tiger

2 February 2022

As befits the start of the Year of the Tiger ……

…… Paul May was in tigerish mood and entered the Open section of the 27th 4NCL Congress held at Harrogate. (Being rated at 1818 he could have entered the U2000 competition.) His tigerishness paid off as he brought home two impressive victories. He beat 2 players rated at over 2,000 – Scottish player Sam Coates (rated 2019) and Harrogate’s own boy wonder Mate Ther (2159) .

You can play through both games here on this website:

Game: Sam Coates v Paul May

Game: Paul May v Mate Ther

Limewood matches on 2 February 2022

A different story here. A strange evening. All 3 matches ended in a 5 – 0 result. Yet only 5 games were played.

Team A had a 5 – 0 walkover against the defunct Pudsey A who had dematerialised at the start of the season after the playing schedules had been set up.

Team B were due to play Rose Forgrove E, the weakest team in the league and bottom of the league table with only a single point from the season so far. A good prospect for a Limewood win – but at 6.15 pm the club found that the Fox & Grapes was closing early because of an outbreak of Covid among the staff. The match had to be cancelled and Forgrove E collected 2 easy points.

Team C, playing away at Alwoodley, had the misfortune to be the only Limewooders who got to move a chess piece. They were seriously outgraded at all boards. Despite spirited play the result was an emphatic 5 – 0 defeat.

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