Paul triumphs at Calderdale

12 June 2015
[Report adapted from the account by Dave Shapland on the Yorkshire Chess website – see link at foot of this item.]

From 22 to 24 of May players gathered at the Lee Mount Club (the home of Halifax Chess Club) for the 2015 edition of the Calderdale Chess Congress.

In the Major (U155) it was Limewood’s Paul May who took the honours by galloping away with victories in the first three rounds against a trio of contenders from Hebden Bridge.

In round 1 he could count himself very fortunate to have beaten Pete Leonard when his opponent blundered from a won to a lost king and pawn ending. The following morning May punished some typically over ambitious play from Dave Shapland before going on to complete the third course of his Hebden-Bridge-player-banquet by defeating Nick Sykes in a very interesting and exciting Sicilian Kan variation.

Both these last two games are now featured in our Best Games pages – see   Game: PAUL MAY v Dave Shapland   and   Game: Nick Sykes v PAUL MAY.

Having leapt into a commanding lead, Paul was able to coast home with two draws in both of Sunday’s games where he never really looked likely to lose.

For the full (original) account by Dave Shapland go to: