Paul excels at Harrogate Congress

22 January 2018

Paul’s performance in the Major at Harrogate has earned him a £50 performance prize.

Paul May was in form at the 4NCL Congress held at Harrogate this weekend, 19-21 January.
His record? Judge for yourself:

Paul’s ECF grade is 148.
~  Round 1: drew with Joshua Pink, ECF grade 182 (you can play through this game here)
~  Round 2: drew with Richard Webster, grade 175
~  Round 3: beat Michael Clapham, grade 165 (you can play through this game here)
~  Round 4: drew with Eric Gardiner, grade 185
~  Round 5: drew with Paul Bielby, grade 167 (you can play through this game here)

On average Paul was outgraded by 27 points.

It sounds even better if you use the FIDE rankings. According to FIDE he was outgraded on average by 231.

Note his consistency throughout the congress, shining in not just 2 or 3 rounds but in the complete set!

Paul’s win and 4 draws brought him a final total of 3 points. He was the lowest-graded by a clear margin of all those who scored 3 or more.

Congratulations , Paul, on a great weekend!