Out of coppers

7 December 2016

Yep, there’s no change tonight.

Both our teams retain their positions in the League table.

Team A met Pudsey B for the second time this season in the 5-player main league.

And for the second time the result was a draw:  2½ – 2½.

Wins came from Paul May and Bob Maltby and the half-pointer come from Sam Swain (158), who was playing the redoubtable 174-grade Mike Bramson at Board 1.

Paul’s artistic victory against Simon Watson is now enshrined in our archive of Best Games and can be played through here

The result of the evening is that Pudsey B and Limewood A remain locked together at 2nd and 3rd place in the Division 3 table. No change.

Meanwhile, down in the basement, Team B also met their opponents, Rose Forgrove F, for the 2nd time ths season.  We lost again but the scoresheet showed an improvement.  Last time we lost by 2 points;  this time by only one point.

At Board 1, Barry Fulthorpe scored a clearcut win over Neil Bolton.  At Board 3 Steve Hodgson scored a less satisfying win on time:  his opponent, rather surprisingly, hadn’t understood the time control rules.

And so, as with Team A’s league position, Team B was out of coppers, i.e: no change.  But in their case there’s nobody below them.