Our first trophy

5 June 2017
Presentation of Mini League Trophy 2017
Limewood’s Paul May receives the Leeds Mini League Champion’s Trophy for the 2016-17 season from Ian Strickland, Chairman of the Leeds Chess Association.

The presentation took place at the AGM of the LCA, held at the Eagle Tavern, North Street, Leeds on 5 June 2017.

The meeting also debated match time controls and agreed a change in line with what is being increasingly being used in other parts of the country and internationally.  For the new season, standard league games will allow players 80 minutes plus 10 seconds per move, where digital clocks are available.  In the absence of digital clocks, the existing time controls will continue to apply.

PS:  We aren’t being entirely honest with that picture. LCA had carelessly mislaid the real Mini League trophy.  So to keep Paul quiet they gave him a dummy.