10 April 2019

~ games won: 2
~ games drawn: 4
~ games lost: 14

Yes, Ouch!  That was the result of our matches tonight.

Ouch! especially for Team B. They drop into the Division 2 relegation zone – still level with Alwoodley C on on match points but now lagging a point behind them on ‘goal difference’.

Who were our heroes on the night?

Player of the Evening was undoubtedly David Hanover (grade 42) who beat Ivor Timmis (grade 99) in Team D’s match. His game is now enshrined in our Best Games collection and you can play through it here.

Our only other win was courtesy of Robert Moneagle in Team A.

Almost every game this evening was against a higher-graded opponent (usually much higher-graded) so even getting a draw was a notable achievement. Our 4 notables here who scored a half-point were:
~  Paul Anderson (outgraded by 23 points),
~  Chris Tatham (outgraded by 26),
~  Philip May (outgraded by 17)
and our star of this group, Steve Hodgson (outgraded by 30 points over his grade of 74.

Our other players tried hard but the odds were stacked against them.

Yes, Ouch!  Predictable given the gradings gulf but still painful.

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