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20 January 2021

Tonight saw half-a-dozen Limewood members, together with an array of Leeds Juniors, join various Alwoodley members in the 1st round of the new 6-round ‘Alwoodley & Friends’ online rapidplay tournament. In each round you play the same opponent twice – once as White, once as Black.

Paul May and Ian Carrigan ended the evening with 2 points each, while Paul Johnson and Philip May each took a game from their respective adversaries. Round 2 is scheduled for Wed 3 February.

Coming soon

Wed 27 Jan at 7 pm on Lichess: Jointly with Alwoodley: 6 rounds Swiss, 10 mins + 0 increment
Sat 30 Jan at 1 pm on Lichess Arena: Sylvan’s U100/U1440 Group: 20 mins + 0 increment
Sat 30 Jan at 2.30 pm on Lichess: Yorkshire Pioneer Online League, 3rd round. 45 min + 15 secs increment
Wed 3 Feb at 7 pm on Lichess: Alwoodley & Friends Rapidplay tournament, round 2

4NCL News

The 4th 4NCL Online Congress (15-17 Jan 2021) attracted a record entry of 229, no doubt due to the introduction of a new section for the U1400s. Its success has encouraged 4NCL into hastily arranging a similar event in February, this time with a further new section for the U1100s.

So the 5th 4NCL Online Congress, will be held on Fri-Sun 19-21 February, 5 rounds, time control 45+15. Sections: Open, U2000, U1700, U1400, U1100. Entries now open. Website:

That event is not to be confused with the 4NCL Spring Congress, which is a completely separate happening. This is held over 7 rounds on Tuesday evenings at fortnightly intervals. Round 1 is on Tuesday 2 February at 7.30 pm. Time control 45+15. Sections: Open, U2000, U1700, U1400. Entries now open. Website:

Twitter news

Our Twitter account, http://@LimewoodChess managed by Steve Hodgson, has just acquired another platinum-quality chess name as a follower: Ruslan Ponomariov, a FIDE World Chess Champion and active professional chess player and coach hailing from Ukraine and now living in the Basque country.

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