Not a good day at the office

4 April 2018

Not a good day at the office for the A and C Teams.

While Team B, with no match, were able to put their feet up and sup their pina coladas – or Horlicks maybe for some – Teams A and C were facing strong challenges from the Leeds B and C teams.

For the A Team this was an important fixture to win if they are to maintain their quest to be Champions of Division 2.  They have already secured their promotion slot but who wants to be in second place when you can be top of the pile?  Alas, having to field a somewhat weakened team, they were collectively outgunned gradewise by 110, an average of 22 points each.  There was a good win for Paul May and a good draw from Bob Maltby (last game to finish) but the end result was a sad loss by 1½ to 3½.

For Team C it was a similar story (except that nothing was going to alter their position near the foot of the Division).  They were collectively outgunned by 135 points but managed to produce two good results – a win from Barry Fulthorpe (against a 22 point deficit) and a draw from Paul Smith (against a 40 point deficit).  The final result was the same as for the A Team:  a loss by 1½ to 3½.