No love-match

9 February 2022

Last week we reported that one of our matches ended with a scoreline of 0 – 0, that is, love all.

A true love-match.

No love-match this week, though. All 9 scheduled games actually happened and all 9 ended with a real score.

Rapid Play League – Limewood R1 v Alwoodley R!

In the Rapidplay, where members play the same opponent twice, Paul May provided a good foundation by winning both his games.

Paul Johnson drew both his games while Paul Brencher drew one and lost one.

Limewood thus won by 3½ to 2½.

This result takes Limewood to the top of the Rapid league with 5 points, 2 points ahead of the Alwoodley and Leeds University teams. There are 2 more rounds to go but they don’t happen till May.

Mini League (handicap) – Limewood M1 v Rose Forgrove M1

The 2 teams were pretty evenly matched overall, with only 14 points between the totals of the team ratings. So no great surprise that the match ended in a draw: 2½ : 2½.

Ian Carrigan scored a win, John Grasham gained a draw and the 2 handicap points were split evenly between the teams..

The result leaves Limewood comfortably mid-table with the same number of points as Forgrove’s M1 team and West Leeds.

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