Night of the Triads

4 October 2017

‘Twas the night of the Triads. Who sallied forth for combat in the sepulchral gloom of an October evening.

Yes, it was the first round of the 3-player Mini League handicap competition for 2017-18.

Limewood’s brace of Triads excelled last season and finished at the top of the league table. Will they be able to do the same this time round? Tonight was to be the first test.

Our top team of three, comprising 2 Mays and 2 Philips, ventured to the wilds of Alwoodley to face the fearsome, take-no-prisoners squad known to the authorities as Alwoodley M1.

Team Supremo Paul took on another Paul, the brutal gangster boss from the Geldoff clan (subs: please check I’ve got the name right) and won decisively. However the other May and both Philips had to contend with heavier opposition and came off worst. Luckily all 3, or maybe 4, of them live on for a rematch another day.

When the weight of ammunition is taken into account the Limeys lost the bout by 3 hits to 2.

Meanwhile our other Triad, the M2s, were slugging it out in the bleak nomanslands between Leeds and Tadcaster. They too were ranged against a bunch of heavies from Alwoodley. Alas the heavies were all a lot heavier than our lot and the extra weight carried the day. After comparative weight is allowed for, the end tally was the same as in the other scrimmage: the heavies won by 3 hits to 2. We await the rematch to take vengeance.