New season

30 September 2015
The new season has started and we have several things to celebrate.

First, our main league team held on to its place in Division 3 as, luckily, there is no Division 4.

Second, we have an extra Mini League team (making two).

And third but most importantly we welcome an extra member who has moved here from the furthest reaches of Cornwall specially to join us. It’s another P May, which is bound to confuse officialdom. So we now have 2 members with grades in 3 figures.

Rumour has it that the two P Mays are related. Did I hear someone say they are identical twins? No, actually I didn’t.

And so to our first match of the new season: away to Rose Forgrove E. When we last played them away, back in January, the score was 3½ to 1½ in their favour. It was the same score tonight as well. We did have a good chance of winning, but unfortunately their team all turned up this time.