New rating system goes live

10 September 2020

The ECF’s new rating system has gone live.

The new ratings have 4 digits instead of the old 3-digit grades.

How do the old and new compare? To give examples:

  • Old 80 has become 1300
  • Old 100 has become 1450
  • Old 120 has become 1600
  • Old 140 has become 1750
  • Old 160 has become 1900

Ratings will updated monthly (in a similar way to the old Yorkshire Chessnuts scheme), so you can see how you are progressing – or not.

It’s all on a swish new website.

And it has a super-helpful Help facility that puts many big commercial sites to shame.

Those are the changes that will be most obvious to the ordinary club player but there are other features that should make the website more useful and make life easier for the army of volunteers who feed match data into the system.

The site is at:

Impression from first viewing: a magnificent achievement. We can’t wait to start using it for real and see if it is as good as it looks.

This week’s online clubnight tourney

Honours Board

  1. Paul May
  2. Equal second: John Light and Ian Carrigan

Congratulations to all three.

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